Healthcare Financing

Flexible Healthcare Financing for Medical Professionals of All Kinds

Healthcare professionals often prepare for years to be able to open their own business. After all that work, all that is needed is the financial backing necessary to start serving patients. At Lauredant Capital, LLC, we are proud to provide a range of healthcare financing options for veterinarians, surgeons, dentists and many other self-employed healthcare providers.

Healthcare Financing Benefits

Our team has designed our loans to be sufficiently flexible to meet the needs of practically any medical office. Consider just a few of the ways you can use our financing solutions:

  • Leasing Medical Equipment: Use a lease and/or a loan to get the tools you need to care for patients.
  • Consolidating Previous Debt: Simplify the process of paying off debts by only working with one lender.
  • Acquiring Another Practice: Help your business grow by purchasing or merging with another office.
  • Securing Working Capital: Keep cash on hand to handle unexpected expenses and investment opportunities.

Loan Features

The details of our loans vary somewhat depending on how the money will be used. When leasing medical equipment, we can cover up to 50% of the expenses. For practice acquisitions, this number rises to 100%.

When taking out working capital, you can expect a number of beneficial features:

  • Applications for up to $75,000
  • Opportunities to receive as much as $250,000
  • No down payments required
  • Terms as long as 72 months

Are you ready to take the next big step in your business’s development? Reach out to Lauredant Capital, LLC today to start your application.